Monthly Archives: October 2023

QtGamepad ported to Qt 6

For a project of mine I need gamepad support. In the past, I’ve happily used QtGamepad, but that has not been ported to Qt 6. It’s not dead, but Andy (QtGamepad’s maintainer) wants to do some re-architecting for a Qt 6 release.

I need QtGamepad now, however, so I’ve ported it myself. It’s not a whole lot of code and Qt’s made it a breeze. I’ve renamed the whole thing to QtGamepadLegacy and pushed it to GitHub. So whenever the official QtGamepad is released there should be no naming conflicts. I’ve tested with Qt 6.6.0 and the evdev plugin.

I don’t plan on adding any new features to the port. I’ll try to keep it compatible with upcoming Qt releases, though.